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 Christmas Dinner Menu

Dinner for 4

Roasted Turkey with 1 qt. Rich turkey gravy - 15 lbs. OR Spiral glazed Ham 8 lbs. (bone in)

Herb Corn Bread Dressing 3lbs OR Mashed Potatoes 3 lbs.

Fall Vegetable Medley   3 lbs.

Dinner Rolls 8ct

Choice of one: 9 in. Pie (pumpkin, sweet potato, lemon, key lime, or coconut)

Total Cost: $135.00 + tax & fees


Dinner for 8

Roasted Turkey with 2 qt. Rich turkey gravy - 20 lbs. OR Spiral glazed Ham 12 lbs. (bone in) 

Herb Corn Bread Dressing- 5 lbs.

Fall Vegetable Medley   4 lbs.

Mashed Potatoes 5 lbs.

Dinner Rolls 16ct

Choose One: 9 in. Pie (pumpkin, sweet potato, lemon, key lime, or coconut)

Total Cost: $175.00 + tax & fees


Dinner for 12 to 15

Roasted Turkey 22 lbs  and Pork Tenderloin 8-10 lbs

Corn bread Dressing  10 lbs.

Fall Vegetable Medley   5 lbs.

Mashed Potatoes 10 lbs.

Sweet Potato Casserole 5 lbs.

Rich Turkey Gravy  3 qts.

Dinner Rolls 24 ct. & Cranberry Orange Chutney

*Choose 2 desserts from the Dessert Options

Total cost:  $370.00+ tax and fee

 A la Carte Dessert Pricing

9"  Regular Pies- $18.00 (pumpkin, sweet potato, lemon, key lime, or coconut)

Pecan Pie or Apple-$25.00

10" Bundt Pound Cakes- $34

Butter, Mint Choc. Chip,  Apple Cinnamon, Cranberry-Orange, Ginger-Chocolate, Lemon, Eggnog ,

Butter Rum, Peppermint,  

Pound Cake Pies-Deep Dish

Pecan- $40.00          Sweet Potato-$25.00

Pumpkin- $25.00       Apple- $30.00

Lemon- $25.00        Key Lime- $25.00

Nutty Fudge- $28.00       Nutty Peanut- $28.00


A La Carte Menu

In ready to heat pans ,  serves 10-12 people

Fully cooked Turkey with gravy (18 to 20 lbs.)

Serves 10-12     $65.00

Fried Turkey with gravy 18-20 lbs.

Serves 10-12      $75.00

Fully cooked Spiral Glazed Ham (bone in ) 10-12 lb

Serves 8-10    $55.00

Roasted Pork Tenderloin- 8-10 lbs

Serves 8-10     $65.00

Mashed Potatoes 5 lb


Macaroni and Cheese 5 lbs


Southern Green Beans 4 lbs.


Collard Greens -5 lbs


Sweet Potato Casserole 5 lbs


Corn Bread Dressing (herb) 5 lbs


Corn Bread Dressing (meat) 5 lbs


 Fall Vegetable Medley- 5 lbs (zucchini, carrots, cauliflower, yellow squash and green beans)


Roasted Red Potatoes- 3 lbs



$3.00 qt.

 Fresh Baked Rolls

45 cents each


*All Dinners come fully cooked. Please allow 1 ½ - 2 hours at home to heat & serve.*

Tax and fees- 13.3%

Christmas Meal

Christmas Dinner orders or Special menu orders (complete meal) must be placed before

December 14th.

A la carte orders (4 items or less) must be placed before Dec. 19th.

Pick up dates are December 23rd and 24th in Stafford, Va.

Full Payment is due at the time the order is placed (Dec. 14th & 19th). We will be

unable to offer refunds once orders have been placed and paid for.

Heating instructions will be included, thank you.


Call 540-659-9687 to place order

Or email:

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