Pound Cake of the Month Club

Pound cakes sent to your home or office every month!

Great gift for birthdays and Christmas!

Pound Cake of the Month Club   

Becoming a Member of the Pound Cake Club is ​a simple and fun way to enjoy our pound cake each month! Members can use their membership in many ways:

  • Stay in touch with family & friends-send your cake as a gift to different addresses each month

  • Corporate Gift- Ship out to important clients or celebrate co-workers' birthdays.

  • Always have dessert ready when guests visit.

  • Try all the new flavors of pound cake before anyone else

  • Get exclusive deals on pound cake only offered to members


There are 2 types of memberships:

  • GOLD MEMBER- 16 oz. cake (4 servings) $16.00 a month

  • PLATINUM MEMBER- 48 oz. cake (15-18 servings)- $34.00 a month

Shipping is not included in the above pricing. (call to request a shipping estimate)

Members can choose to be Pick-up members(Stafford local) or Shipping Members.


Membership Information

The Pound Cake of the Month Club is a 1 year subscription. Members are allowed to pick and choose which month they would like to order. All members are required to purchase a minimum of 4 orders/shipments a year. Memberships renew automatically. Membership may be cancelled with a 15 day notice.

Members will receive an email each month, at least 3-7 days before the ship-out.

This gives members an opportunity to reply to the email to:


1. Skip the current month's cake.

2. Upgrade or Downgrade their membership between Platinum and Gold.

3. Change the shipping address.

4. Change between pick-up member and shipping member.

5. Send a special message with your cake (ex. Happy Birthday, Thank you, Merry Christmas)

6. Double your order.

7. Request an estimate on shipping cost.

8. Cancel your membership. (15 day notice is required)


So, what are you waiting for? Join the Club today!

Give Chef Tea a CALL for a quote and to fill out your application